Europol claims high-tech cybercrime fuelling organized crime

Technology has permeated all aspects of major criminal activity, according to Europol. In its latest report on serious and organized crimes, cybercrime makes it to the top of the five "priority crime threats". Crimes such as document fraud, money laundering, illegal goods traded online and more now pose major challenges to law enforcement authorities as organized crime groups incorporate advanced tech methods into their illegal activities.

Europol's report, titled Serious and Organized Crime Threat Assessment (SOCTA) the attack surface continues to grow as society becomes increasingly digitized, with more citizens, businesses, public services and devices connecting to the internet."

The report also lists several types of cybercrime, including ransomware, malware network attacks, payment card fraud and online sexual exploitation, all of which now appear to be on the agency's radar as crimes that need to be monitored and mitigated.

the agency adds, indicating that technology is now at the forefront of major crimes and that law enforcement officials will likely be tasked with new challenges in addressing these issues.