INSA, MCIT holds high level discussion

Wednesday, May 30, 2018: Information Network Security Agency (INSA) held discussion with Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) on May 30, 2018. The discussion was aimed at further strengthening cooperation and synergy between the two institutions.

Ato Temesgen Tiruneh, Director General of INSA, after welcoming the MCIT delegations led by Minister of MCIT, W/ro Ubbah Mohammed noted that, the two institutions have a number of areas that they could work hand in hand. "We bring a better result only when we work together, going in a separate way is not an option," he said.  

Minister Ubbah Mohammed, in her part, said that, in consistent with their respective objectives, the two institutions should work in tandem in order to meet the national goals.

The Deputy Director General of INSA, L/colonel Abraham Belay (PHD) briefed the delegates on INSA's mission and related issues. It was noted by the Deputy Director that INSA has been established in a bid to ensure the security of information and computer based key infrastructures so as to be enablers of national peace, democratization and development programs. What is more, the agency's strategic foundations, organizational change tools, key competencies of the Agency, and other issues were included in the presentation. The National Satellite ownership program, the National ID program, Public Key Infrastructures-PKI programs, among others are areas where the two institutions could cooperate in, L/colonel Abraham noted on the presentation.

Following the discussion, there were a number of comments and explanations pin pointing the challenges which have been demonstrated in the past as a barrier for cooperation. It has been pointed out that the lack of understanding between the two institutions because of close discussion as a thing of past. The commitment displayed by the newly appointed teams of leaders of the two institutions to work together to resolve the problems quickly and closely were an encouraging step.

The two institutions agreed that the joint discussions between them will continue further involving other stakeholders.