The 27th Anniversary of Ginbot 20 celebrated at INSA

The 27th Anniversary of Ginbot 20 had been celebrated at Information Network Security Agency (INSA) on Friday May 25, 2018 under the theme "Enhanced National Consensus and Democratic Unity for Enhanced National Success." The day had been marked with discussion on "Federalism."  

The Victory of Ginbot 20, which marks the downfall of the Dergue regime, is the result of the sacrifices paid by nations, nationalities, and people of Ethiopia who wanted to build a democratic system, stated on the occasion.  Teferi Fikre, Deputy Director General of INSA, said on the occasion that, the victory laid a foundation for the new Ethiopia and constitutionally guaranteed democratic unity to flourish in the country. The system of democratic federalism has ensured the equality of all nations, nationalities and people of Ethiopia, he added.