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null INSA signed MoU with the Ethiopian Institute of Foreign Affairs

The Information Network Security Administration of Ethiopia (INSA) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to work with the Ethiopian Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA).

The MoU aimed to work together on Capacity Building and conducting Research and development on the Cyber security and Diplomacy.

His Excellency Mr. Salomon Soka, the Director General of INSA, stated that the MoU mainly allows INSA to work with IFA on projects of national interests in terms of upholding Ethiopia's cyber security sovereignty and owning technology.

Mr. Solomon has also said that one of INSA's key agendas is to conduct research on cyber diplomacy in cooperation with the Institute on policies, national security, and foreign affairs since the cyber world is dynamic, unpredictable, and loose.

In addition, the Director General stated Institute of Foreign Affairs uses safe technologies developed by INSA.

According to Dr. Dessalen Anbachew, the Director-General of the Institute of Foreign Affairs, working together on research on security, diplomacy, and peace will create great potential for the Institute, and both institutes have a lot to do together as their main goal is to protect national interests.