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null Putting the First Cyber Talent Graduates into Practice Program Launched

The Information Network Security Administration of Ethiopia (INSA) held a new program launch that enables the Summer Cyber Talent Training Program graduates to implement the knowledge and skills they obtained.

His Excellency Mr. Solomon Soka, the Director-General of INSA, urges the graduates to play their role in the field and their talent since their country expects a lot from them.

The Director General recalled that during the summer camp program, the trainees’ achievements in various individual creative works were encouraging. He also announced that INSA would hire some and give enormous indigenous projects to work in groups according to their fields and talents to the rest.

He added that INSA should take the lead in using their potential and talents to benefit our country and called on companies and private investors to play their part in helping these talented youth.

Mrs. Tigst Hamid, the vice Director General of INSA, said that despite the challenges, they should be part of the solution and proud of being the successor of tomorrow.

The talented trainees also promised to fulfill their national mandate and responsibilities with commitment and thanked the administration for the opportunity and help given to them.