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null INSA and the Dubai International Chamber of Commerce have a Discussion

Mr. Solomon Soka, the Director General of the Information Network Security Administration of Ethiopia (INSA), and Dubai International Chamber of Commerce Middle East and Africa Regional Manager Mr. Kalid Al Alin have a discussion.

In the discussion, Mr. Solomon Soka explained that they have no choice except to own the technology to secure Ethiopia's cyber system, and INSA is working on developing various indigenous technologies.

Mr. Solomon Soka said that the two countries have to consolidate their cooperation and strategic partnership and work at the institutional level in cyber security and technology.

Mr. Kalid Al Alin also mentioned that cyber security demands trained manpower besides owning cyber technology. He valued the efforts of INSA to train talented youth in the Ethio-Cyber Talent Development Center and expressed their commitment to working together in helping these activities, especially in nurturing the talented youth.