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null INSA and Ministry of Women and Social Affairs sign MoU

The Information Network Security Administration (INSA) and the Federal Ministry of Women and Social Affairs (MoWSA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding that enables them to work together.

Mr. Solomon Soka, Director General of INSA, and Dr. Ergoge Tesfaye, the Minister of the Federal Women and Social Affairs Ministry (MoWSA), signed the Memorandum of Understanding. The agreement mainly aimed at modernizing the service delivery of MoWSA and ensuring its security to provide expeditious and fair services to the citizens.

According to Solomon Soka, in realizing Digital Ethiopia 2025, the administration is fulfilling its role of ensuring ownership of indigenous knowledge and technology and administering digital sovereignty. In this process, INSA is equipping strategic government institutions with various indigenous technological products to modernize and ensure their security. In this regard, the agreement provides digitized services inclusively addressing women and disabled citizens.

Dr. Ergoge Tesfaye, Minister of MoWSA, said this MoU is a vital step to increase the overall capacity of the MoWSA, and that enables it to provide transparent, efficient, and fair services through digitized technology.

When the MoU gets implemented, INSA will prepare an information communication technology policy and strategy, develop various systems to digitize service delivery, and provide cyber security inspection and evaluation services to MoWSA. In addition, INSA will give capacity-building training to the senior leaders and employees of the Ministry to enrich their awareness of cyber security.