Derash National Bill Aggregation Platform - an Alternative Payment Method to Minimize the Risk of Infection with Coronavirus

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Information Network Security Agency /INSA/ has urged payment collecting agents to use Derash National Bill Aggregation Platform to collect taxes and other fees to minimize the risk of infection with Coronavirus.

Director of Integrated Derash Platform at INSA, Biruk Gebireyes said while Coronavirus is spreading throughout the country, a system that makes people gathered at one place should be replaced by e-platform.

INSA has already offered a platform called Derash to easily integrate with entities that want to send money to or receive money from end customers.

According to the Director, Derash is an integrated bill payment system that can be readily accessible to customers through a network of payment collecting agents, enabling multiple payment modes and providing instant confirmation of payment.

“Derash Bill Aggregation Platform facilitates collection of recurring and ad hoc payments for everyday services provided by service providers such as electricity, water, telecom services, public housing rentals, traffic fines, taxes, customs and the likes”, he added.

He further noted that many tax payers are using the platform currently and mentioned Adama and Harar towns as a case in point that are  already using the Platform for water bill payment service. Towns like Dessie, Kombolcha, Arba Minch, Sawula, Bahir Dar and Jinka are preparing to follow suit soon, the Director noted.