INSA Discloses More than 2000 Cyber-Attacks Attempted in Six Months

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Mr. Salomon Soka, Director General of the Information Network Security Administration of Ethiopia (INSA), gives a press conference regarding the six-month plan implementation.

In the first half of the fiscal year, more than 2,145 cyber-attack were attempted in the country, out of which INSA responded to 2,049 (91.5%) and 15 billion birrs saved, said the director general.

Mr. Solomon Soka pointed out that the administration is doing a lot of work to ensure national cyber security. Unsafe practices at individuals, institutions, and national levels contributed significantly to the cyber-attack.

Most attacks focused on financial institutions, educational institutions, security and intelligence institutions, media, government offices, and medical institutions. However, most of the attacks have been foiled.

If the attacks were to occur, economic, political, diplomatic, and psychological damage would happen to individuals, institutions, and the country by disrupting the infrastructure, affecting service delivery, stealing and destroying data, encrypting data, and asking for ransom.

The director-general pointed out that service providers should be more careful than ever, and it is necessary to follow the laws, guidelines, and procedures; and to prevent the rising cyber-attack.

Finally, the Director General explained preventive mechanisms of cyber-attack to ensure the country's digital sovereignty.