Service Overview

As a CSP Assessment Provider, Information Network Security Agency (INSA) Will help you validate successful alignment of controls with the SWIFT CSP framework. Our extensive cyber security experience and expertise will ensure that all your SWIFT security setups are complying with SWIFT security requirements.

SWIFT has provided a security framework under its Customer Security Program for all of its users to address the growing needs of security and transparency as a community to combat the increase in the cyber fraud. The SWIFT CSP program aims at detection and prevention of fraudulent activity by means of a set of mandatory security controls (SWIFT CSCF) and community wide information sharing initiative. All security requirements can be categorized into three major activities:

  • Secure your Environment
  • Know and Limit Access
  • Detect and Respond

SWIFT publishes further details of the related attestation policy and process in the SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF) Policy document.

The document contains information on:

  • The requirement to attest against SWIFT’s mandatory security controls.
  • The process and timelines for submitting your attestation to the KYC-Security Attestation application.
  • the process for viewing counterparties’ attestation via the KYC Security Attestation application
  • Follow-up actions in case of non-compliance according to the reporting timelines.

 Assessment Process

The assessment process will be completed as per the defined SWIFT guidelines.


Complying with the standard CSP framework, the financial institutions can:

  • improve their security posture,
  • increase their reputation,
  • enhance their security controls management,
  • increase customer confidence and their business,
  • avoid penalties